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About Washed Clean.



Washed Clean Ministries isn’t just a faith-based 12-step program. It is all faith, all the time. It also happens to draw from the 12 steps of recovery. What sets Washed Clean Ministry apart is that spirituality is not an option here. Our guests completely surrender themselves to the love and the light of God and find lifelong, lasting recovery in that surrender. Pastor Craig and every other coach on-site has a deeply loving and devoted relationship with God. 


Potential participants go through an extensive and rigorous interview process to ensure the ministry is a good fit, both for Washed Clean and for the potential client. Not everyone is ready for Washed Clean, and that is okay. This intense program works, seemingly miraculously, but only for those who are truly prepared to give themselves up to a higher power.


To develop and sustain life-enhancing transformation and change,
by teaching God's
love, hope, and truth to those trapped in the hellish throes of addiction,
to ensure they are set
free for life to live the Abundant Life God has planned for them.

John 8:36  |  Jeremiah 29:11

A World Washed Clean


This is the vision of Washed Clean Ministries, to break generational cycles, to heal a world of hurt caused by addiction and abuse, to bring to an end, families destroyed and lives often irrevocably damaged. Washed Clean does this one addict at a time, one life at a time, confident that with each soul cleansed through the grace of God and each body and mind healed through the 12-step program, the ripple effect is exponential. Craig has done his own healing work through his 12 steps that has reunited him with his children and allowed him to help them through their own recovery processes. He has been able to repair and build stronger relationships now that he is filled up with an unending love, a love that begins within himself. Craig’s vision is that everyone finds that God love deep within. 


Washed Clean imagines its arms stretching out across the globe in the form of ministry centers. All people deserve to feel God’s love, and all Washed Clean clients will learn prayer and meditation, with church as a weekly requirement. 


What Really Matters


Washed Clean Ministries places value on each individual and where he or she is in this moment. Not everyone is ready to be clean. Not everyone is ready to open up to a spiritual cleansing that will steel you against relapse. It is an intense process that involves giving up old stories and old parts of yourself you may not be ready to part with just yet. Craig runs Washed Clean Ministries on the principle that anyone can be clean, anyone can be saved, and everyone deserves a chance. There is no judgment, just clear, direct guidance and the opportunity to work lovingly and devotedly toward a clean slate. 


Forgiveness, absence of judgment, and rehabilitation are key factors in the Washed Clean ministry. It provides support for patients who relapse, and it is highly focused on a drug-free recovery because medication for addicts often leads to further addiction. Washed Clean wants all of its clients to genuinely feel “washed clean.”


Whether you are at rock bottom or still digging, whether you are broken inside and living with the shame of having broken so many others, you deserve to be clean, you deserve love, and you deserve hope. All Washed Clean wants is the opportunity to help you see that. For Craig, helping others, doing this kind of service work, fulfills his life. Because, in the end, we are all God’s children, under his unwavering loving gaze.

Ready to be Washed Clean?


Craig Nichols

Pastor, CEO


Craig Nichols is a recovering addict who struggled with the demons of addiction his whole life, dating back to an abusive childhood and carrying over into his own role as a father. He repeatedly failed 12-step programs and other attempts to get clean, even finding himself in jail and near death. Nothing worked. 


Then one day, he heard the call of God. In a flash, Craig realized that real recovery, the kind that goes soul deep, was not possible without the hand of God. He began his recovery that day, never looking back, and for the last three years, he has built a ministry aimed at helping others do the same. It is absolutely true what they say, that in God, all things are possible.

About Craig

Nikki Nichols, wife and life partner to Pastor Craig Nichols, has been with Washed Clean since its inception back in 2017. Her favorite thing to do on earth is meet people where they are and walk with them to a better, spiritually awakened place. She is a devout lover of Jesus Christ, and she is devoted to her work helping addicts and alcoholics find their life and pure positive love in him. 


She is a Licensed Med Tech who loves anything to do with the outdoors, from hiking and camping to fishing swimming. Shockingly, Nikki is an intensely shy person, but she makes a mean lasagna, and if you run into her at Dairy Queen grabbing a blizzard, don’t be afraid to say hi.

About Nikki

Nikki Nichols

Office Manager, Facilitator


Dylan Nichols

Men’s Ministry Manager,

Maintenance Manager

Meet The Team

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