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Get Involved.




Donations are another excellent, and incredibly generous, way to get involved with Washed Clean. We are always in need of the most comfortable and up-to-date equipment for our sites to ensure a welcoming environment for our guests, so all of your donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. 


As a donor, you can contribute: 


  • Equipment for our houses such as beds, bedding, toiletries, bibles, etc. (We can send you a list of needs)

  • Scholarships for a length of time or a certain dollar amount. We have an administration selection committee that will make sure funds are distributed properly. 

  • To the new building fund, ensuring our members will always have safe, comfortable housing as they go through one of the most trying times of their lives. 

  • Money. You can simply donate a set dollar amount through our financially-secure website by clicking on the donate button below.

    • If you are interested in blessing our ministry with recurring gifts, please contact us for more information.



If you are interested in supporting our cause with a one-time or recurring gift,

please click the link below and fill out the form. 



It takes a special kind of person willing to be a sponsor for an addict in recovery. If you feel called to do this incredibly challenging yet deeply meaningful work, schedule an appointment with Pastor Craig to discuss your path in further detail. 


Typically, you will come in for an interview to discuss your own story, why you think you are qualified to act as a mentor, and how you imagine your mentorship to look. Perhaps you would like to offer work at your place of business to addicts after treatment. Maybe you just want to sponsor our members once they leave in-house treatment. Or any combination in between. Call today for an interview, and you can get started right away.


Central Church Sioux Falls - Kingdom Fund

We extend a heartfelt thanks to Central Church Sioux Falls for their incredible partnership through their Kingdom Fund. Your commitment to making a lasting impact on the community is truly inspiring.

The Central Church Kingdom Fund focuses on making long-term investments in Kingdom-based missions, non-profits, and initiatives aligned with the Central Mission and Vision. It also encourages engagement beyond financial support, emphasizing the use of time, energy, and talents.

Send Prayers



Your thoughts and prayers are always welcome, and we appreciate any you are able to send our way. We believe that prayers go from your lips to God’s ears, and that each burst of positive energy you can send our way does indeed dramatically affect the recovery process of each addict. 


Please feel encouraged to write your prayers down in notes or letters and send them our way as well. Our members love to read notes of warmth and love. Sometimes just knowing someone is cheering for you, even a stranger, can remind someone of their own inherent worthiness.

Join Our Team



We’re always looking for strong, solid, stable help at Washed Clean. If you feel called to become a counselor, a coach, a mentor, or work with us in any capacity, please reach out. We feel the call of God in everything we do, and if you are feeling called, it is for a reason. We want to meet you. 


We will continue to grow and expand our ministry, so it is important that we continue to build onto our already faithful and loving team. You just may be the next Washed Clean team member!

Feeling Called? Get Involved.

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