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Welcome to our Resources page, where you'll find inspiration and support for your journey towards recovery and transformation.


Washed Clean:
Breaking Free From Addiction

By Craig Nichols

Explore the autobiography written by Craig Nichols, founder of Washed Clean Ministries. After 38 years of addiction and numerous failed attempts at recovery, Craig's desperate cry to God led to an extraordinary transformation, detailed in his book, Washed Clean: Breaking Free From Addiction.

Discover the power of faith and redemption as Craig shares his journey from the depths of addiction to the founding of Washed Clean Ministries.


Speaking Opportunities

Invite Craig Nichols, founder of Washed Clean Ministries, to share his expertise and experiences in these impactful areas at your next event or gathering.

Possible Speaking Topics:

  1. Breaking Free From Addiction

  2. Visionary Leadership: Building A Ministry From the Ground Up

  3. Long-Term Sobriety: A Comprehensive Overview

  4. Personal Testimonial: A Journey of Recovery and Renewal

Contact us for more information on how Craig can share his powerful testimony with your community or event.

Book by Craig Nichols
Speaking Opportunities
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