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If you’ve been through treatment time and time again but can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, the help you need to be rid of your addiction for good, it may be time to turn to the light and get washed clean

Washed Clean Ministries

Washed Clean Ministries

Transitional Housing



24/7 Accountability

Job Placement

Support & Education


At Washed Clean Addiction & Recovery Ministries, we take a different approach to sobriety. We believe that no one can truly recover without first opening their hearts to God. Once you make that connection, the strong and unbreakable bond, you will be less likely to feel the urge to fill up with something destructive again. You can finally be free


Below you will find information on all of the ways you can take part in the Washed Clean process. Our four-phase program completed in as little as 12 months as long as you are 100% committed to beating your addiction. We take a team approach to the recovery process to support you in overlapping layers of encouragement and reinforcement. 

The Washed Clean Experience

A three-month, 24/7 intensive recovery program that includes education on each of the 12 steps of recovery, followed by review, open discussion and accountability.


Life Coaching

Our life coaches help people with major life transitions, such as a period following a major career shift, divorce or marriage, a new addition to the family, or even a death in the family, and other life-altering situations.

One-on-One Sponsorship

When breaking free from any habit, having someone available to hold you accountable is crucial. Ask how you can connect with a sponsor to help make sure you're staying on track through the recovery process.

Spiritually-Based Aftercare

Once a member has completed treatment, we have mentors and sponsors on hand to help keep those in recovery on track with as much or as little support as necessary, based on each individual’s ongoing need.




"I left treatment and came directly to Washed Clean. Upon completing treatment, I knew I needed a place that could hold me accountable and build me spiritually. Washed Clean did more than that. I have now been at Washed Clean for nearly four months and have received nothing but the utmost support from Craig and his wife, Nikki. They have given me the tools and guidance to grow tremendously, not just spiritually, but also in myself. Before going to treatment, I was a serious alcoholic, drinking almost a liter of whiskey daily. That drink was on my mind every second of every day. By learning to pray and believe in a power greater than myself, I have been able to conquer those cravings and desires to drink. Washed Clean has been a true blessing in my life. Because I came here and got grounded with God, I can honestly say I am living my best life! Washed Clean and our Lord, Jesus Christ, have been my true RESCUE STORY!"

– Alex C.

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